Why Alyssa Chose to Serve a Mission

from Hermana Alyssa Cardon:

I am serving a mission because I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can make life better for all people! I believe with all of my soul that it is the way to happiness. It feels right and it makes sense. It is logical and beautiful! How could I continue enjoying the blessings of living the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and understanding God’s plan for us without sharing it with others? It calms my sorrows, strengthens my resolve, and fills me with hope and joy!

I know that when God’s son, Jesus Christ, came to Earth, He taught people that they must have faith in Him, repent by making positive changes in their lives and eliminating bad habits, be baptized by someone with authority from God, receive the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end in following His example. He meant for all people to learn this plan. He desires all men to live it because He knows it will make them happy and ensure their salvation! I want to do all I can to teach people about this Gospel, steps taught by Jesus Christ and established by God, the way to perfection. I know that doing things His way improves lives because it has improved mine! In Moses 1:39 we learn that “men are that they might have joy.” Life can be happy and rewarding for all of us! We can be happy and fulfilled! That is the plan!

Why does this knowledge fill me with the desire to serve a mission? Why does my unique experience make me believe that I might be able to help others? I know that we are all children of the same God, and I know that He has solutions to the problems everyone faces. I know that we have access to our Father in Heaven through prayer in the name of His son, and that He wants to communicate with us—I know that because He has answered me! If there is anyone anywhere who wants love, validation, comfort, peace, understanding, purpose, joy, or hope, I know that there is a way for those needs to be satisfied, and that is by following Christ. If there is anyone who is bitter, hurt, worried, lonely, guilty, lost, confused, sad, or defeated, I know that real solutions exist, and they are through following Christ. I want everyone everywhere to understand that they can follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, that they can change despite mistakes they have made, that they can choose enter into a covenant relationship with God and be baptized, that they can be comforted and guided by Spirit of God, and that they can endure to the end in following the teachings of Jesus Christ and His holy prophets, and that by choosing to do these things they will experience peace and joy in this life and Eternal life hereafter.

God has a plan for His children, and despite the troubles we face in this world, He has provided a way out and a way up. My testimony is that God answers prayers, that He loves us, that He sent His son to be an example and a Savior for us, and that He has blessed us with scriptures and prophets to communicate answers to us, in addition to those that we can receive in our hearts directly from Him. I want to share this testimony with others so that they can improve their own lives. So, why do I want to serve a full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? Because I love my Savior and I love His ways, and I want all people to know that in Christ we can receive the answers and direction we seek in life.