Week 25: Piura …

Haha, this week was good. Reaaaaaaaally good. We had 5 investigators at church! That´s like the key indicator I live for! Solid!!

I ate cow intestine today… I thought I was eating clams or squid or something. What I do when I get to eat something gross is I eat it really fast so I can wash it down with something normal. This is always the wrong course of action. Why? Because when you eat all of something really fast everyone thinks you did that because you loved it and definitely want more. Haha, it actually wasn’t that bad as long as I kept thinking it was clams.

We received some AWESOME counsel this week that our focus should be on rescuing less actives, and this council came with the promise that as we focus on the less actives, we will have more baptisms AND better retention. Wow, what an answer to my prayers! I told you guys how frustrated I was because I just wasn’t sure where to focus our time. NOW I KNOW!!! And it feels so good to have this direction. It makes me want to work harder!

I love you guys! Have a great week!

Hermana Cardon

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