Week 24: Guess Who I Saw in Chiclayo …

Ok, so Chiclayo was AWESOME! We had a three hour bus ride to get there in which I tried to sleep but because I am so accustomed to the missionary schedule I ended up reading all 2013 Liahonas in English that I had been wanting to catch up on! And then I got to read my favorite parts all over again on the three hour trip home! It was a great way to prepare for the spiritual feast we had in the meeting.

When we got to Chiclayo it was like we never left home! It’s the same desert, armpit-of-the-universe plus a zillion stray dogs scenery that we love in Piura!!!

And the chapel was the same as our chapel! And so with our whole mission and the Chiclayo mission there were 440 missionaries in that puny little guy, it was awesome! And Elder Nelson shook all of our hands and blessed us! It was soo cool, life changing!

Here comes the crazy part—I was sitting next to the companion of none other than Elder Chandler White!!!!!! Elder White was sitting on the stand with our leaders. He saw me first and then his companion nudged me to ask me if I knew the missionary on the stand. YOU BET I KNOW HIM!!! I cried. Haha I don’t know when the last time I saw Chandler was but I think it must have been before he got his mission call because I didn’t really know he was in Peru…. and who would have guessed the last time we saw each other that the next time we would see each other would be in a puny capilla in Peru with an apostle of the Lord and that we’d all be speaking spanish?? The missionary next to me told me that Elder White is the humblest, hardest working companion he has ever had, that he is “muy muy bueno.” So Sister White, Allison— Not a bad rep!! We talked for like 5 minutes after Elder Nelson left and before my companion and I got on the bus. He told me the Whites are moving to California. I told him Dallin is going to Ecuador. Tears. It was a good day.

(This photo was sent by Chandler to his family. Kayla totally pilfered it from Facebook.)

I love you guys! I am working hard and learning a lot! Every week I feel like I am learning and becoming better at my calling! I think I am becoming too attached to this ward though, haha, I don’t ever want to get transferred!!

Hermana Cardon

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