Week 23: CHICLAYO!

This week our entire mission is going to Chiclayo to listen to Elder Russel Nelson speak! Chiclayo is totally out of our mission boundaries!

I’m really excited. To prepare, we are of course praying and studying, but also on Saturday we had a mission-wide fast. It was awesome.

This week was good. We will have a baptism this weekend with Brother Dominguez which might be the happiest day of my life. I have been teaching that man since my first week here in Peru, and he has changed SO MUCH, and to finally see him enter the waters of baptism will be so sweet. He is one who really is converted, who recognizes, actively seeks and chooses the Spirit of the Lord for his guide. I could write a book about his conversion story because it is so good….I’m putting that on the long list of things I will have to tell you guys in 12 months.

My companion and I had our first real dirty companionship inventory this week. First five weeks was psuedo-perfect, but now we’re really confronting our differences, haha… Luckily I have all my handy dandy RA skills that have helped me so much know where we are and what we’ve got to do to keep the peace, haha. I am really learning it is so much better to have peace than to be right.

One thing I really understand more than ever right now that before my mission I just don’t think I totally understood is the gravity of the fact that we have free agency. I think before my mission I saw myself more as a product of my circumstances rather than of my choices. I think my investigators see themselves that way too because so many of them, when we invite them to do something, they answer “Si Dios quiere.” Which is to say,  “If God wants me to.” They sometimes seem to really think that if God really wants us to keep His commandments, He will create a situation where we have no other alternative. That is exactly the opposite of the nature of our mortal experienc! If there were never anything to be gained from disobedience, this life would not produce the men and women God wants us to become–men and women who are patient, honest, loving, smart, hardworking, etc. In order to achieve this end,  we must face oppostition–it is up to us to choose what we really want and who we want to become. God has done so much to help us become good and be happy and successful. He has given us scriptures, prophets, His Spirit, the Church, covenants, etc. We choose how much light we let in and how much we use the opportunities we are given to grow and develop a character like His. Do we trust God that His way is better? That going to church will, in the end, make us happier than sleeping in? That being honest really is better than the grade we would get if we cheated? I dunno, just something I’ve been thinking about alot. It makes me want to study more.

Hermana Cardon

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