Week 21: We’ll See What Happens

This week was a little hard. The end of the month always seems to be the time when a lot of people just drink and stuff, it made it really hard to find new investgators. It made me really grateful for how easy it usually is!I had a really cool experience this week when I really felt like I was teaching a person and not a lesson. We were with a less active sister and she was telling us that she stopped coming to church because of all the desafios (challenges) she had. We asked her if she was praying daily and she said no. We said a prayer right there together that she could feel God’s love for her and the Spirit testifying that what we were about to teach was true. After the prayer I felt like I ought to read 2 Nephi 32:5 and so we did and then we talked to her about how God can help us overcome whatever struggles we have through personal revelation. We explained that that’s what the Holy Ghost can do for us and how she can recognize it. We taught her about how going to church helps us be worthy of and more sensitive to the Spirit and how there we can learn things that we need to know to grow from our struggles. She was so intensely focused on what we taught her throughout the whole lesson and then told us that we were angels, and asked if she could say a prayer right there in which she then thanked our Heavenly Father for sending us because we said the things she needed to hear. It was really cool, and she said she is couldn’t go to church this week but she will next week. We’ll see what happens!!

Another cool thing was that my companion and I were deperately looking for someone to teach because it was getting near the end of the week and we still had 0 new investigators. So we were talking to this lady who was cleaning and all of the sudden this lady on the other side of the street yelled, “Where are you from?” and I said, “The United States!” and she said, “But you speak castellano?” (This was all in Spanish, by the way.) I said yes, and she said,”Come here,  I need your help with my son. He is into drugs and I don’t know how to help him.” So we crossed the street and I felt so full of the Spirit as I testified to her that it’s a lot easier to teach someone not to use drugs when we understand why. My companion and I told her that we could come and teach her and her son together and she said please and asked when we would come. We are going to visit her and her son this week. We’ll see what happens!

I love you all and hope you know how much I pray for you guys. I don’t know how I was so lucky to be Marci and Paul’s daughter, or Kayla and Dallin and Aubrie’s sister, but I thank my Heavenly Father that I am!!

Love you guys!
Hermana Cardon

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