Week 18: Great Week!

Wow this week was awesome. My new companion is cheerful, kind, hardworking, outgoing…. everything I could ask for! Her name is Hermana Hualinga and she is from Lima and she is the 15th of 15 kids. Her mom is 73 years old!! We did more work together this week (meaning we achieved more goals) than I have in any previous week on my mission. I love working with her!

I never told you guys very much about my first companion, my trainer, but I do want to share a very cool experience:

So, in the beginning I was really scared of her. In fact I think I cried every day just because I couldn’t figure out what she wanted from me! No matter what I did I felt like she was mad at me! And I was frustrated because I didn´t want to have to worry about that type of issue. I prayed A LOT just to maintain positive thoughts and for help to be kind and loving.

Things with us really changed after I first noticed that she spent our internet time on the church website. I began realizing that she literally has no family support. As I talked with her more and more I realized how many blessings I enjoy like a relationship with my mom, a supportive family, EMAILS, etc. Things she doesn’t and has never had!

Our last day together was awesome. I saw her smile LITERALLY FOR THE FIRST TIME and in near perfect English she told me, ¨Thank you for to come on your mission sister.¨

I felt a warmth and a peace inside that if I returned tomorrow from this mission I did a lot of good, even if it was just to help her feel loved and trusted.

That’s all, I love you guys! Sorry I don’t have more to say!!

Hermana Cardon

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