Week 18.2: A Bonus Email

Hey! My companion has to take a survey and so we’re here on the internet again!! I can’t believe I forgot to tell happy birthday to Aubrie yesterday!  It wasn’t because I wasn’t thinking about you Aubrie!! In fact, I thought about you a lot! Yesterday I was really rushed because I had to take this really long survey (the same one Sister Hualinga is taking right now) and so I had like 5 minutes to write something to you guys and that’s when my brain fell out.

So I have to explain why I don’t have any pictures…. a virus entered my memory card last week when I was trying to send them and ate every last one! Public internet is so unsafe… I heard the bishop of a ward that shares our building knows how to recover photos eaten by viruses so I’m going to see if maybe he can help me…. but this means that I should be really grateful for mom encouraging me to send pictures because the only pictures I have now are the ones I have sent in emails! I am going to take more pictures this week and try to send them safely next week. I think one of the members in our ward has wi-fi….. we’ll see!

Something really cool that happened this week that I didn’t tell you guys yesterday but is really a good story about one of our investigators!

Ok so he is the husband of a recent convert and a very good man but he used to hate the missionaries. He had all these mean names for them and stuff… He’s the one I told you guys about that heard us singing and then asked us to teach him! That was really cool and when we were teaching him back in July/August you could see in his eyes that he was changing within, that he was experiencing true conversion. The lessons we had with him were so powerful because he had such sincere questions, such a sincere desire to KNOW. Things like, ¨How do I really know if I’m forgiven? How can I help my children believe in Jesus too?¨I loved teaching him!

He was preparing for baptism and things were going good, but there was this girl at work that kept calling him and that made us really nervous. We fasted three different times that he would have the strength to resist temptation.

A week before his baptism he called us, inviting us over to teach him. Right after we got to his house and said a prayer together he told us that he invited us over to tell us that he didn’t want to get baptised, that the Church wasn’t true, and that he was divorcing his wife and that we were welcome in his home but he wasn’t going to talk with us anymore.

That’s when I told you guys about how much I cried because one of our investigators was struggling! I just felt so sick inside about what he was choosing for himself.

Well, basically two months have gone by and they’ve been a little weird with him. When we see him we treat him like our best friend but he always looks really angry/sad. He’s a taxi driver, though, and two elders rode in his taxi two weeks ago and invited him to general conference AND HE WENT. I heard that from his wife (plus that after general conference he told her that he wants to do everything to keep his family) and this week Sister Hualinga and I went to his house because I wanted to introduce him to her and ask him about general conference. He gave me the WARMEST handshake (two hands!) and asked if we could come over the next morning. That was Saturday and we went over that day and asked him how he was doing. He told us he had a dream he got baptized and the feeling he had in his dream he wants to experience in real life. I felt prompted to ask him the baptismal interview questions and he responded to every single one, he responded to all of them honestly and in the end he said, “I am living the law of chastity. I just need to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet.¨

We went over again this morning and talked about how if he reads the Book of Mormon and asks God if it is true, he will know that Joseph Smith was a prophet. Near the end of the lesson he said that he will read and pray if the Book of Mormon will help him with his family. LUCKILY FOR US THE BOOK OF MORMON IS ALL ABOUT HELPING US IN OUR FAMILIES!! We left Mosiah 2 and told him to read it with the intent to receive answers for his family. We’ll see what happens next! I am really excited. I feel the Spirit so strong when I am teaching him that I just know God loves him so much and is doing all He can to draw him near.

I know that God loves His children so much, yet He respects our agency too SO MUCH. I am learning that more than anything right now. I feel my job as a missionary is to help people desire for themselves the blessings God is willing to give them, desire enough that they will choose to act for themselves. It’s a great job!

I gotta go but I’m glad I had this extra time to tell you guys that!

Hermana Cardon

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