Week 16: Granks!!

I had my second interview with my mission president this week! He said, “Sister Cardon, your spanish is excellent!” and I was so excited I almost jumped out of my chair and then, to my horror, I exclaimed, “GRANKS!!”

Now I know that I mixed Thanks and Gracias, but right when it happened all I knew was my own shock at the nonsense that had just escaped my lips. Now I kind of wish I had had the mind to say, “….And by that I mean my Spanglish is even better!”

Other than that, haha, it was a great week! One of our investigators got baptized which was awesome. When we first met him he was already looking for the truth, which made him pretty much what I would consider a “golden” investigator. It’s a little harder to facilitate understanding when people believe they already know everything. For him, he just needed to know where he could find answers and how he could know with a surety that they were correct. We just testified and taught him what to do! And, wow, he has changed so much! His entire countenance is different, so much more happy and confident. He was so happy after his baptism that he stood up in the service afterwards and said, “El Libro de Mormon es VERDAD!” which is not “The Book of Mormon is TRUE!” but rather, “The Book of Mormon is TRUTH!” It was awesome.

Really, as a missionary, I don’t know if there is a greater joy than bearing testimony. Hearing our investigator bear his made me want to share mine with even more people! What could be more satisfying than being the evidence that says, “This is what God wants us to do, this is what He has promised if we do it, and I decided to do it and He was true to His word!” When we testify that the scriptures are true, that the church is true, that is no small thing! The Book of Mormon is true and I can not deny it because every time I have applied what the prophets testify of in the Book of Mormon I have been blessed. Exactly the way they said I would be!

Thanks for your emails and prayers! I have pictures but this computer isn’t working that great…. next week!