Week 15: Warmer and Warmer!

       I haven’t told you guys about the weather here! I came in the dead of winter…. It was in the 80s most days and oddly enough everyone acted like it was freezing. At first that was weird but I turned into a true Piuran…. It’s like when they were talking about how cold it was I started thinking I was cold too! So yeah, I wear a chompa (sweater) everyday, and at night I wear my coat…. I have nothing to say for myself. But it is getting warmer and warmer everyday! I don’t know what the temperature is but it’s a lot of sun. A lot of wind too!
       I heard a great story this week! It’s kind of mission folklore but supposedly there is a statuary (like a place that sells statues? Like statues of Mary and saints and stuff, for Catholics) and all of the statues have in their hands an Article of Faith card. None of the missionaries that have witnessed this site know where the lady who sells them got so many Articles of Faith cards or if she knows that on the back of the pictures of Jesus there are the 13 Articles of Faith, but needless to say I laughed really hard when I heard about it. But that kind of sums up the attitude of people here towards the church… Hey if it’s got a picture of Jesus on it, it’s all goood!
       I love teaching here in Piura; the people are a believing people, they want to do good and be good. I would say there is a lot of “religious excitement,” a lot of people looking for the truth. I love being able to tell them that we get to heaven by covenanting, and teaching them how the Atonement makes that possible. I love being the one to teach them how we make those covenants and how to keep them.
       Everyday’s a great day here in Piura! I love you guys so much!
       Hermana Cardon

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