Week 13: Todo Bien!!

This week we accomplished more goals than we have the whole time I’ve been here! It was awesome! I made a little paper that we have on our wall where I get to color in a little bubble for every goal we meet— this week’s paper is the most colorful by far!! We met a lot of new people to teach and we worked really hard with the members. One cool thing our ward does is that once a month the members go out for two hours after church and knock doors in our area and make appointments for us. It’s awesome that they do the finding and we do the teaching! Of course, we do other things to find as well but usually we’re so busy with the appointments already set for us that we don’t do that much! I hope though that we can work more with their actual friends– that is still and will always be the best way to do missionary work!

I have to be honest, sometimes I feel like I am being stretched more than I can handle! We teach CONSTANTLY, it’s hard to be on all the time. I despair when I think how much better Jesus would be doing all of this if He were here! I mean, this is the work of salvation! And I am so weak! I marvel that despite everything I lack, God lets me participate. For all that I am discovering about myself and about Him through this service, I am so grateful!

Something Sister Dew shared with us in Relief Society in the MTC has really helped me. She was in an interview with President Hinckley and He said, “How are you doing Sherri?”and she said, “Good, but I wish I were smarter.” And he responded, “I wish you were smarter too!” and then he got very serious and said, “Actually, I wish we were all smarter.”

I wish I were smarter too! But I am coming to find that service in the church is the best medicine for all that we lack. This is, after all, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints– it’s both His and ours! And through our service we become not only saints, but eventually like Him!

That’s all for now! I love you all! Thank you for your faith and prayers in my behalf! Keep ’em comin’!

Hermana Cardon

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