Week 11: Long Week

This week was really sad. It started out great! I had an exchange with some other sisters in a nearby area and returned to my area ready to hit the ground running with my companion! She looked kind of sad though, and told me that one of our investigators [was having some difficulties]. I cried so much I was sick. If he only knew how important his happiness is to us! If only he know how we have fasted and prayed so much in order to recieve revelation in how to help him, that his happiness is all we think about! It’s so painful to watch someone hurt themselves, when it could all be different if they would but believe and change.

Anyway, then we went to the house of a young mother to see how she was doing and found her holding her baby who had died just moments before. We sat on her bed with her and just cried and cried and cried.

The funeral was the next day and my companion and I had a training that morning and we rushed back after it to acompany the mom as we walked to the cemetery. I’m not going to go into detail about what it looked like, but I will say that that cemetery would be the last place I would want to put something so precious.

This family is so strong though. Throughout this entire week they have been sad but firm. They know their family is eternal. They trust in the promises and covenants they have made. Throughout this entire week they have been constantly bearing their testimonies that they know they will see their little son again, and that this is not the end. I know they will too! Can we see the evidence? No! But we can feel it. We feel it when we testify, we feel it as we read the words of prophets that testify of this truth, we feel it as we pray for comfort. The Holy Ghost testifies that this is the truth.

I have seen a lot of struggles while I’ve been here, but there is such a difference between those who choose to confront their struggles with faith, believing in the words of God, and those who choose to rely on their own wisdom to handle it. There is no hope when there is no faith. Faith that Christ really did teach us the way to live, and because we choose to believe this we will take His advice. Faith that we really can be forgiven of all our sins and begin again. Faith that God loves us and everything He has commanded us to do really will bring us happiness. Faith that He wants the very best for us, even life eternal. I don’t know what struggles I will face in my life, but I do know that if I hold true to my covenants I have no reason to be afraid of what will come. There is protection and peace in obedience.

I love you guys! I hope this email wasn’t too much of a downer! I’m doing great and I am happy! Thanks for your prayers and support!

Hermana Cardon

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