Week 8: Chistes, Chismes, y Chifles

       Another week has flown by! and I still love being a sister missionary!
       Haha there is so much to say I don’t know where to begin! One of our investigators got baptized Saturday! It was awesome haha, but the building flooded! I took lots of pictures, I will try to send them soon!
       In other news, I guess to summarize I’ll say this—I’ve heard it said that every calling in the church is a call to repentance. If that’s so, I would say a mission call is straight up an invitation to throw it all on the chopping block! I feel like I am constantly being invited to a higher level of righteousness, and on my own it would be frightening. But I am learning to grow and progress with the aid and grace of my Savior! I don’t know how to describe it, but I know that without His help this calling would be impossible! I believe as a missionary I am enjoying a greater portion of the Spirit than I did before, but I can lose it so much more easily, it’s a higher standard! Maintaining the Spirit of the Lord is simply a constant effort! I am so grateful for the gift of repentance—I feel like I am rewinding and repairing a lot! But it is so worth it!
       I have two special experiences I want to share!
       One was with a family that was just recently baptized. My companion and I were teaching el Día de Reposo and the dad said. “We decided to stop listening to loud music on Sunday. It just felt like what we ought to do.” WOW!!! I was so touched by his words! That right there is EXACTLY what listening to the Holy Ghost is! Those feelings of “what ought to be done” are so clear and simple and real, and there need not be confusion about whether or not it is the spirit if the idea is good and right and true! I will never forget those words, they have been on my mind constantly as I have been consulting those same feelings to know what I ought to do. I hope I didn’t get overexcited explaining that to you all, but it was pretty exciting to not only know that this recently baptized family not only is recognizing and receiving promptings from the Spirit, but they are acting on them. And they are teaching me along the way!
       Another was from a woman that we are teaching how to read. I was so afraid she would be embarrassed or ashamed, not because she ought to be but just because she literally knew nothing about letters or anything and she is 66 years old! Wow did she show me! She is happy and cheerful and excited about every new word. She is trying so hard and so grateful for our help. Her example in this has taught me a lot about what it means to be humble. I want to respond to every criticism, every word of advice or caution, and every opportunity to learn the way she does. Happily! Cheerfully! My ego is too big if I can’t recieve counsel enthusiastically, just like her!
       Ok and now for some of the embarrassing things I’ve done while here in Piura, because I’m actually like a huge toddler here—an accident waiting to happen at every moment. In my own defense, I have had so much to adjust to! It’s a new language, a new culture, new food, completely new lifestyle, new climate, new people, new ward, everything! Anyway, here’s some dumb stuff I’ve done:
       There is no differentiation between cookies and crackers—they’re all galletas. And so when we got served galletas and chocolate milk, I started dipping my galletas in the chocolate milk. Wow, all of Piura thought that was hilarious. I thought it actually tasted pretty good. No thanks to my companion, I didn’t know what everyone was laughing about until I ate all my crackers in the hot chocolate
       One of the little kids in the ward gave me her glass and asked me to pour her some Pepsi. Her dad told me “un piquito, no mas”—well I gave her like 5 teaspoons worth. Man, they thought that was hilarious. The dad thanked me for my strict obedience and then poured her like 3 cups worth more.
       I’m totally out of time but I will have more next week! love you guys!
       Hermana Cardon

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