Week 10: Temblores!

There have been 4 earthquakes since I have gotten here and I have only gotten to feel 1! It was in my first week and it was by far the smallest. All the other ones have happened at night and I´m not waking up for them! But that first one was really cool slash scary. It was like piura turned into a big gong! the most recent one was last week and it killed our power! it was so dark when we woke up! luckily the power is back and I can write this email!

This week has been awesome. My companion and I taught Young Women’s for the second time, which was awesome because there was an investigator and a less active member there, and we got to teach the law of chastity!

I love teaching the message of the Restoration so much. Before my mission I thought I would like teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ the best or the Plan of Salvation, because I thought those lessons were more relevant and therefore somehow more interesting or easier to apply to the lives of my friends. Clearly the message of the Restoration wasn’t personally relevant to me at that time! Now, though… Wow, what could be more exciting than to know that we have a Prophet among us, living and teaching us how to get right with God? What could be more exciting than to know that God lovesus, we are important to Him, and that there is a way to access His divine help? What could be more wonderful than to know that God is listening to us? That our deepest desires and most profound questions can be answered? That our experiences and trials have meaning, purpose! That we can live free of doubt, that we can be sure of certain truths. That we have access to the source of all truth through our prayers.

I am grateful for the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ because if not for the restoration I would not know with certainty who my Savior is. I love Him and am grateful for what He has done for me. I trust Him and I will follow Him!

Hermana Cardon

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